Virtual Counseling: Effective Therapy From Home

Want an easy, helpful way to focus on your mental health? At Grace Counseling, we’re excited to offer online counseling for people in Colorado and New Mexico. Research shows virtual sessions work just as well as in-person therapy. We can help with life’s challenges, personal growth, or just being a listening ear.  

Why Choose Online Counseling?


Virtual counseling gives the benefits of in-person therapy plus more flexibility and convenience. Top reasons to go online:

  • Easy scheduling without commuting or arranging childcare 
  • No taking time off work for appointments
  • Avoid traffic to get to our office
  • Comfortable opening up in your own private space 

How Online Sessions Work

We use secure Zoom video chatting for private therapy sessions. It’s just like being in the office, but you log in from home. Most people already have Zoom. All you need is an internet device and quiet space. 

Try a Free Session

Want to learn more? Schedule a free 15-minute session to see how online counseling works. Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!

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Getting help is your first step to starting over and improving your wellbeing.  Reach out today!

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