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Welcome to Grace Counseling, where you’ll find help to figure out life’s twists and turns. If anxiety or stress has been getting in your way, or if you’re looking for clarity or direction, you’ve come to the right place. At Grace Counseling, we’re here for you, regardless of age. Life sometimes hands us a puzzle, and with a little help, finding and putting those pieces together results in wonderful changes.

Our counseling services are about finding the right approach for you. Whether you’re seeking balance, dealing with anxiety, improving relationships, or learning to appreciate the present moment, there is an approach that will work. Have a look at our range of services—it’s like a customized menu for you. Your life is important, and we look forward to joining you on your journey.

Individual Counseling

Grace Counseling is committed to helping you see things more clearly, possibly from a different viewpoint – helping you focus on feelings, experiences, or behaviors to facilitate positive change. Through our conversations, you’ll find acceptance, understanding, and solutions that bring change, relief, and peace to your life – all provided in a safe, confidential setting.

Virtual Counseling

Some people worry that counseling online can’t be as good as in-person. But virtual sessions go surprisingly smooth once you get the hang of it! We’ll video chat by Zoom, so you get the same personalized support without leaving home. Online counseling opens up your options, so you can work with therapists anywhere on schedules that fit your life. It saves time commuting. Sessions feel just as private and secure too. I still pick up on body language and cues, like in-office visits. Many find it helps with anxiety, depression, relationships, and more. Research shows online therapy is effective when it clicks with your needs. We can always try virtual and office visits to see what you like best! Virtual counseling is simply one more choice for care. Let’s chat about whether virtual sessions could be a good match.


Anxiety can make you feel like you’re drowning in worry that won’t let up. It pushes you to overthink everything and avoid situations that stress you out. I get it – anxiety has a way of fooling you into thinking all that constant obsessing is helping somehow. But in counseling, we can work together to find better ways to keep anxiety from controlling your life. I’ll be straight with you – this stuff is tough, but I’ve seen many people break anxiety’s hold with time and commitment. We’ll unlock the strength already inside you and build it up day by day. The goal is to equip you with skills to handle those anxious thoughts when they creep up and stay grounded in the moment. With help, you can tame anxiety’s volume so you can get back to happily listening to the sounds that matter. There will be good days and bad days in the process – that’s normal. But progress is totally possible! Consider working with a counselor today.

Chronic Stress

It’s understandable how draining, and nonstop chronic stress can be. You still feel frantic, exhausted, and overwhelmed, no matter how hard you push. In counseling, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about everything on your plate and how it’s affecting your mind, health, work, and relationships. You’ll find small changes you can make to start easing some of that weight. You’ll learn skills like meditation, planning me-time, setting boundaries, and more ways to restore some calm. This stuff takes patience and practice – there will be good and bad days. With patience, you can slowly reduce your stress levels by committing to self-care. The goal is to help you learn how to put on the brakes, recharge, and find more moments of joy again. Consider reaching out to start discovering relief – you deserve to feel at ease with life.

Criticism Sensitivity

Feeling hurt or worried about criticism is understandable – it’s human nature! In counseling, you’ll find a judgment-free space to unpack where these feelings come from and how criticism affects you – physically, mentally, emotionally. You’ll build up skills to respond in ways that feel empowering, not overwhelming. You’ll learn skills to combat the flood of obsessive thoughts criticism can trigger. Your self-worth will grow, so outside opinions feel less crushing. Progress takes time – some days will be better than others. Finding healthier ways of hearing feedback while staying true to yourself with practice is possible. You can get there! The goal is to help you feel more confident in yourself, discern constructive vs. toxic criticism, and not let others’ judgments run your life. It’s time to live free of constant criticism and anxiety. Let’s have a conversation about starting that journey.

Toxic Relationships

Do you feel trapped in relationships that leave you drained, unhappy, or walking on eggshells? The good news is – you have the power to change this. In counseling, you’ll unravel why you’re drawn to toxic relationships in the first place – often, it stems from past hurts or childhood patterns. You’ll uncover your unique gifts and strengths. You can learn skills to set firm boundaries, voice your needs, and break free of people-pleasing habits. You’ll build your self-worth from the inside, so you feel less hooked on others’ validation. Progress takes commitment as you rewire ingrained dynamics – but healthier, uplifting relationships are possible. You can start to feel energized by your connections. Consider reaching out today – you can transform how you view yourself and interact in relationships for the better.

Substance Addiction

Substance addiction can make you feel powerless and out of control. If it’s negatively impacting your life, support is available, and recovery is possible. Having a judgment-free space to honestly discuss your struggles, shame, and factors fueling your addiction is part of a plan for recovery. It’s possible to replace addictive behaviors with healthier coping strategies one step at a time. There will be ups and downs, with freedom found through commitment to the process. It’s time to live substance-free and fulfill your potential. Consider reaching out today – a better life is waiting, and people really do overcome addiction. Let’s have an open conversation about your path forward.


Do your relationships leave you drained or disappointed at times? Through counseling, you can uncover your one-of-a-kind strengths while transforming how you interact with others. Counseling offers a judgment-free space to understand what fuels your relationship conflicts – past hurts, communication style, and family dynamics. You’ll learn to express your needs, set boundaries, and resolve disagreements in ways that feel authentic. You’ll also build your confidence from the inside-out, so you feel less dependent on others’ validation. Progress takes patience as you rewire patterns – it’s possible to reframe how you view yourself and your relationships with practice. It’s time to develop connections that energize you. Let’s have a caring conversation about enriching your relationships and living more fully.

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