Five Reasons You Struggle to Stop Drinking Alcohol

It’s challenging to stop drinking, even when you want to. There are many reasons people find it difficult to quit, including peer pressure, easy access to alcohol, its effects on the brain, the vicious cycle of abuse, and alcohol withdrawals. Struggling to stop drinking can be frustrating and difficult. There are many reasons people find […]

How to Start Over in a Relationship

Starting over in a relationship can be difficult. Every long-term relationship will go through periods of tension and challenge. Sometimes it’s big things like coping with a cheating partner, holding grudges, or deciding to let go of a relationship. Usually, day-to-day things pile up–coordinating or changing schedules, arguments, splitting up house chores, and more. Maybe […]

5 Proven Ways Counseling Can Help Chronic Stress

A black woman sits at her computer and holds her head in frustration.

Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life. There is “good” stress that can motivate you into action and help you achieve your goals, and there is “bad” damaging stress. Damaging stress makes you feel apprehensive and on edge as if the worry might never go away, which can be overwhelming. If the harmful, damaging […]