How to Start Over in a Relationship

Starting over in a relationship can be difficult. Every long-term relationship will go through periods of tension and challenge. Sometimes it’s big things like coping with a cheating partner, holding grudges, or deciding to let go of a relationship. Usually, day-to-day things pile up–coordinating or changing schedules, arguments, splitting up house chores, and more. Maybe […]

Top 5 Benefits of Individual Counseling for Relationships

A man and woman sitting next to each other, both removing their wedding rings, illustrating that Grace Counseling offers couples counseling.

When we think of getting help for our relationships, images of a couple sitting on a  couch across from a therapist come to mind. Maybe it’s a last-ditch effort to repair their relationship, or they only know how to communicate by arguing. That’s the situation we typically see in the media. However, it’s common for […]