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Amanda Grace
Expert Clinical Therapist in Colorado Springs

Welcome to Grace Counseling, where compassionate support awaits you on your journey to overcome life’s challenges. As the founder and therapist, I bring over 20 years of seasoned expertise as a dedicated professional committed to guiding you towards achieving your goals and discovering renewed joy in your daily life.

I understand the burdens of stress, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and substance use, and I am here to help you find healing and hope. Through personalized care and genuine passion, it is my mission to empower you to make positive changes and find inner peace. You don’t have to face this alone — let me walk alongside you in this transformative process.

Areas of expertise


Are you overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Do you feel disconnected and have difficulty functioning on a daily basis? Everyone experiences some level of anxiety, but if you are experiencing anxiety that persists and is impacting your life, it’s time to get help. Therapy can provide support in achieving balance, finding calm, and building strategies that will help you take back your life.


Enhancing your connections with others begins with nurturing your relationship with yourself. By prioritizing self-care and understanding your own needs, you pave the way for healthier and more fulfilling interactions with those around you. Therapy can help you gain the confidence you need to feel more comfortable with who you are and to create healthy and meaningful relationships.

Substance use

Are alcohol or other substances taking over your life? Are you ready to make a change? In therapy, you can recover from substance use addictions, and more. Drinking in moderation or stopping completely can be achievable goals. Therapy is a safe space to explore the underlying causes of addictions and make lasting changes.

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